• UbiquiShield is a family of patented fiberglass fabrics which provide flash flame deflection, as well as act as a heat and fire barrier. By design, it is impermeable to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and insects. These textiles provide an excellent and enduring environmental barrier.

  • Uses & Features


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    UbiquiShield textiles are fiberglass textile woven fabrics that can have a metallic laminate and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating. It is designed for industrial, medical, and domestic applications where fire, water, or insect damage may occur.


    UbiquiShield is intrinsicallyimpermeable to bacteria, viruses, fungi and insects and provides an excellent enduring environmental barrier when applied various classes of materials.


    UbiquiShield may be applied as a first line barrier on construction material surfaces for protection from fire, water, and insect damage. In addition, UbiquiShield is waterproof prior to and after exposure to fire.




    UbiquiShield may be applied to almost all building material surfaces from wood to metal to concrete. Application can be utilized on floor, wall, ceiling or roofing.


    The fabrics may be applied to surfaces by mechanical joining or by a variety of adhesive systems. In instances where abrasion potential is high, additional layers may be added.




    Textiles are available in thicknesses from 6 to 13 mils. Other thicknesses are available by special order. UbiquiShield can be produced in various thicknesses with multiple layers of various protective coatings in order to suit the needs of the manufacturer.


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    Fabric applications:


    • Factories and Warehouses
    • Medical Facilities
    • Hotels
    • Schools
    • Stadiums
    • Iconic structures
    • Airports
    • Convention centers
    • Steel work / Forging
    • Refineries


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    Compliance Technical Data:


    • Passes ASTM 1354 Standard Test for Heat & Visible Smoke Release Rates for Materials Using an Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter.
    • Passes FMVSS-302; Automotive-Flammability of Interior Materials
    • Passes ASTM 6413/ NFPA 2112; Flame Resistance
    • Passes ASTM E 136-Vertical Tube Flame Test; Tube heated to 750° C
    • Passes BS EN ISO 15025: 2002 -SURFACE IGNITION TEST; Flame applied to fabric face for 10 seconds @ 45° angle
    • Thickness 006 – 0.0013 inches
    • Break Strength w= 150/f=130 lbs./in
    • Tear Strength w=2.5/ f=2.0 pounds
    • Elongation w=3.1/ f=3.8 @ break
    • Dielectric Strength 750 volts/mil
  • Kauffman Foundation Top 50

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    2012 Global Entrepreneurship Week selected UbiquiShield's Protection Fabric Technologies as one of the world's 50 most promising start-ups.


    In the search to find some of the best and brightest new start-ups around the world, 400 applicants, from over 80 countries and dozens of industry sectors, were judged on concept, innovation, growth projections, and knowledge of their industry. The Kauffman Foundation sponsored Global Entrepreneurship Week selected UbiquiShield Protection Textiles as one of the world's 50 most promising start-ups of 2012.

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